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CoinMetro is a platform to offer a solution to the cryptoparae market. This solution is designed to deliver robust user-centric frameworks, delivering unprecedented levels of customer value, and unmatched mobility between block chain technology and digital assets based on traditional markets.
The founders of CoinMetro have been doing this since 2011 and have a triumphant story behind the FXPIG brand. So you do not just have to be a product guarantee, but you can also benefit from their knowledge. Although the core of the CoinMetro platform is dealing with regular crypto sales and purchases, it is a powerful internal matching motor built to pay instant money with a debit card, to provide superior technology and trade services, or to meet every customer need.

CoinMetro Ecosystem

The CoinMetro platform plans to act as a channel between traditional finance and the economy of digital assets. It consists of an ecosystem that simplifies the three main components of the digital economy: the exchange, the trading platform, and the complete ICO Express framework. CoinMetro, which works with FXPIG, aims to offer services that have never been available before. The transaction platforms are equipped with robust equipment designed to meet the needs of professional investors, while a user-centric, user-focused environment allows new investors to invest in emergency cryptography with a few clicks on the currency.
CoinMetro’s vision is to promote growth and collaboration aimed at delivering ICO Express turnkey solutions for project development.

Coinmetro Exchange:

  • Direct Payment Process: Support Crypto and Fiat
  • Trading GUI
  • Cryptopara Wallet: The customer has the largest of five digital currencies; Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP) and Litecoin (LTC).
  • CoinMetro Debit Card: Enables users to instantly access CoinMetro’s wallet view. This is a CoinMetro debit card used to access the crypto wallet or fiat wallet and draw money directly to some ATM locations around the world.
  • Credits: It is assumed that the credit platform is working by allowing the lender to declare the daily lending rate; the borrower can take the underlying currencies and use them immediately. coinmetro; BTC plans to offer LTC and ETH credit options.
Customers who order goods will pay a commission for all orders, up to 0,10%. A discount of up to 50% is applied to customers who place an order limit below the price on the purchasing side and are above the price on the sales side.
By establishing stable banking relationships, CoinMetro aims to offer fast and secure payment transactions in both emergency and fiat crypts. In addition to all the features of the known features, CoinMetro Coin plans to implement unique award programs tailored to the economic contours of digital assets for buyers and private business solutions.

Innovative Investment Platform:

  • Tokenized Asset Management (TAM)
    Tokenized Asset Management (TAM) is a unique application developed by CoinMetro team. TAM will allow professional active managers to sell their tokens for trading performance to investors. The Token is a unique proprietary digital asset created to facilitate interaction with the infrastructure and to provide transparency to the customer base through Blockchain Etherium.
  • Curated Digital Asset Diversification (ETCF – Electronic Crypto Fund) When
    considering a traditional ETF concept, CoinMetro plans to offer users a unique opportunity to diversify real-time assets in real-time assets in real time, digital capital owners on the market.

Token Sale:

  • Token Name: COIN
  • Total token amount: 500,000,000 COIN
Token distribution:
  • Token 50% by sale
  • Liquidity 20%
  • Team CoinMetro 10% and Shareholders
  • Community Gifts 7.5%
  • Consultation fee 2.5%
  • General Sales Before Sales% 10
The COIN allocation is expected to be locked for the first 6 months after the distribution date and is expected to be employed within 24 months. CoinMetro team members will receive 25% of their property 6 months after the date of distribution and then 25% every 6 months.
Advance Sale and Token Sale Contribution:
  • Platform Development, Human Resources 40%
  • Marketing 30%
  • War casket 20%; Possible purchases, acquisitions, acquisitions, etc.
  • Legal, Compliance, Regulation 10%
Token Pre Sale: December 21, 2017 to December 31, 2107 was done.
Token Sale:
It will start on February 21, 2018.
Token During the sales period, if all of the 50 million COINs are sold in the pre-TOKEN period, a maximum price of 0.10 EUR per COIN will be charged.
Token If the amount of COIN sold during pre-sale sales does not reach 50 million, the price of COIN on Sale Token will be the end of pre-Token sale, followed by pre-Token sales softcaps, totaling 50 million COIN. When token sales touch 50 million softcaps, this price will increase by 0.01 EUR. The Hardcap Sales Token is set at 300 million COINs, including 50 million COINs allocated to Pre-Token sales.
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